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Chapter 14: E-Government
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State and Local Directories
Federal Blue Pages
Contact information for federal, state, and local government.

State and Local Government on the Net, Piper Resources

State and Local Governments, U.S. Library of Congress

State Departments of Information Technology, National Association of State Information Resource Executives

Wired Communities
Official City Sites
A quick reference directory for officially sanctioned city, town, area, county, regional, Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureaus, and related web sites.

Blacksburg Electronic Village, Blacksburg, Virginia

City of Marietta, Georgia

Clark County, Nevada

Columbia County, Washington

Elk Grove Village ñ The Exceptional Community

Community Website Services
City of San Carlos, California
Provides an online citizen complaint form to report a wide variety of problems. Also includes a site with webcast presentations.
www.ci.san-carlos.ca.us/forms/scfield.html and

Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Collects and disseminates computer security information and resources to help better protect data and systems. For the novice or the expert.

One of many companies that provides software to secure websites for transfer of money.

E-Government, Public Technology, Inc.
Information about e-government and Internet taxation, and links to websites using transactions and registrations over the web, citizen input and requests for services, and webcasting and video.

EZ Renewal, Service Arizona, State of Arizona
State website with online renewal of vehicle registration.

Floyd Community Event Calendar
Interactive community calendar for Blacksburg and Roanoke, Virginia.

Online Services, New York City, New York
City website with a long list of online forms for citizen input and requests for services.

Parking Violation Permits, City of Boston
City website that allows online payment of parking tickets.

Public Technology, Inc. (PTI)
Nonprofit technology organization for all cities and counties in the United States. PTI is dedicated to furthering the use of technology in both cities and counties, for both elected officials and professional managers.

Streaming Video Software for Producing Webcasts
Microsoft Media Player, Microsoft Corporation



Developing Your Own Community Website
Center for Civic Networking
Works to build community through use of electronic media. Information about community networking, including Community Technology Review with a special States and Local section.

Center for Government Technology Toolbox, Center for Technology in Government, State University of New York at Albany
A wealth of information for getting government online. Includes a WWW Starter Kit and much more.

CMAC Website Standards Subcommittee, Connecticut Management Advisory Committee, State of Connecticut
Standards for state webpages. Includes guidelines for a consistent approach to developing websites, website standards evaluation, and official state policies.

Community Information Networks
Information about community networks, including ìhow toî links, papers, associations, and other information resources. Also includes an extensive list of Michigan community information networks.

Community Information Toolkit, Library of Michigan Foundation
Provides information, training materials, and demonstration software to help create a new community information network.

Democracies Online Newswire
Information for starting your own discussion list, or ìonline public commons,î plus a discussion list on e-government.

Developing and Delivering Government Services on the World Wide Web: Recommended Practices for New York State, Center for Technology in Government, State University of New York at Albany
Principles to help government agencies in New York decide how best to design, manage, and market web services. Useful for any state or local government. Check out the Center for Technology in Government Toolbox.

A free service that allows you to easily create and join e-mail groups.

Electronic Service Delivery Clearinghouse, Public Service Chief Information Officers Council
Initiatives, best practices, contacts, policies, and documents on how to improve government services by using information and communication technologies.

Locate online government services in your area, or add local government services to the Web. Also includes information for local and other government officials on elections, taxes, online payment, and more.

Getting Online: A guide to the Internet for small town leaders, National Center for Small Communities
Includes a chapter on how to put local government online with information about partnership alternatives, figuring out your audience, choosing an Internet address, and design and content hints.

Global Information Infrastructure Commission
Works with private and public groups to address e-commerce problems such as privacy, content controls, consumer fraud, authentication, and more. Also includes links to papers, reports, and presentations.

Discussion group about local and state government information on the Internet. Topics include e-mail use policies, copyrighting laws, telecommuting, telecom infrastructure, e-government, interactive forums, e-commerce, and much more.

Company that specializes in helping federal, state, and local governments place their services online.

Information Technology Links, National Association of Counties
Very useful links related to e-government, including: organizational resources, mailing lists/forums, website planning resources, website planning publications, and website development training and education resources.

The International GovNews Project
Access over 200 newsgroups related to government. The goal of the project is to stimulate open electronic access to public government information. Information is available for federal, state, and local governments. Instructions are provided for creating your own newsgroup.

National Information Consortium
Helps local governments get online.

"One-Stop Shopping for Government Information", Information Policy and Technology Series, National Conference of State Legislatures
Article about five states that have developed ìone-stopî websites for accessing government information and public records.

Public Technology, Inc. (PTI)
With help from the National Association of Counties, ICMA and the National League of Cities, Public Technology, Inc. helps city, county, and state governments use technology wisely and links them with industry sources that can best meet their specific needs. Site also includes research reports and publications.

Seattle Public Access Network ñ A Practical Guide, City of Seattle, Washington
Standards for city webpages, plus other useful links.

Starting a Village, Blacksburg Electronic Village
Information for starting a community network, and links to related information.

Survey of State Portal Initiatives, Electronic Government Task Force, Texas Department of Information Resources
Review of twenty state governmentsí approaches to e-government.

Miscellaneous Sites
CivicInfoBC: Local Government Information Sharing
Good example of what can be done with the Internet. An innovative web-based information sharing service for local governments in British Columbia. Provides a means for finding and sharing material relevant to the practitioner--all in full text.

E-The People
A nonpartisan web service that makes it easy for people to reach over 170,000 officials in the local, state, and federal government.

Government Information Technology Services
Federal committee formed to encourage e-government, as well as to make federal government more responsive and efficient.

Government Services on the Web and e-Commerce, Municipal Research and Services Center
Links to e-gov news, examples of e-commerce and online forms, e-commerce resources, e-commerce software, and security issues.

Government Technology
Publication with information related to e-government. Includes publications, news, online resources, conferences, and more.

National Information Infrastructure, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Information about federal e-government.

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