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Chapter 15: Community Indicator Projects
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Overview of Indicators
What Makes a Good Indicator?
Overview of Indicators
The Community Indicators Handbook: Measuring Progress Toward Healthy and Sustainable Communities, collaboration between Tyler Norris Associates, Redefining Progress and Sustainable Seattle
Guide to developing your own community indicator project. Includes summaries of over 100 indicator projects in the U.S. and Canada. Not online, but can be ordered from this website.

Community Indicators: Measuring Our Progress Toward Healthy Communities, The Community Services Planning Council
Information about several indicator projects, criteria for selecting indicators, contact information, resources and tools, and lists of indicators. Very useful summary of the indicator movement.

Community Indicators Project, Redefining Progress
Nonprofit group that is actively involved in the community indicator project movement. Website includes a listserv, links to community indicator projects, sample indicators, and examples showing results of some indicator projects.

Consortium for Regional Sustainability, Tufts University
Reports on sustainability, including Defining a Sustainable Community.

General Criteria for Selecting Indicators, International Institute for Sustainable Development
Guidelines for selecting indicators.

Hart Environmental Data
Information for developing community-level indicators including a database of indicators, data sources, criteria for sustainability indicators, and free training materials.

Indicators of Community Sustainability, University of Wisconsin-Extension
List of community-level indicators.

Measuring Community Success and Sustainability, North Central Regional Center for Rural Development
Interactive workbook for measuring local and regional impacts of economic and community development processes and rural community sustainability

Measuring Progress, Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development, U.S. Department of Energy
Discussion of community indicator projects, success stories, indicators in action, and articles and publications related to sustainability indicators.

National Civic League
Information for developing healthy communities including technical assistance, visioning, healthy communities programs, performance measurement, and much more.

Outcomes Toolkit: The Results Oriented System for Community Improvement, Health Forum
Web-based application for developing and tracking community indicators. Develop a community profile, receive technical assistance in developing indicators, and share information online.

Social Indicators: An Annotated Bibliography on Trends, Sources and Developments, 1960-1998, North Central Regional Center for Rural Development
Annotated bibliography of both online and print resources on developing indicators.

Sustainability Links, Sustainable Seattle
Links to online sustainability resources.

Sustainable Communities Network
Links to online resources related to sustainability indicators and the visioning process.

Sustainable Community Indicators: Guideposts for Local Planning, Community Environmental Council
How-to discussion of developing indicators and case studies of three community indicator projects.

Sustainable Indicators: A Review of National Methods and Suggestions for Long Island, Institute for Sustainable Development, Long Island University
Review and comparison of ten leading indicator projects, definitions of sustainability and indicators, and discussion of how to get started with your own indicator project.

Urban Quality Indicators Newsletter, Urban Quality Communications
Quarterly publication with information on efforts to measure community quality, health, and sustainability.

What Makes a Good Indicator?
Community Indicators: Measuring Our Progress Toward Healthy Communities, The Community Services Planning Council
Indicator lists and criteria for selecting indicators.

Hart Environmental Data
Lists of indicators, data sources, and criteria for selecting indicators.

Indicators of Community Sustainability, University of Wisconsin Extension
Lists of indicators.

Annual Indicator Report: The State of the Local Environment and Economy, and State of the Region Reports, Southern California Council on Environment and Development
Indicators for Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Imperial Counties, California.

Building Healthy Communities, Rural Action
Indicators for Athens, Perry, and Vinton Counties, Ohio. Emphasis is on sustainability.

Columbia Pacific Indicators: Assessing Community Sustainability for the Region, Interrain Pacific
Indicators for communities in the North American rainforest West Coast.

Communities that Are Working on Indicators, Hart Environmental Data
Links to online community indicator projects.

Community Indicator Projects on the Web, Redefining Progress
Links to online community indicator projects in the United States, Canada, Germany, Kenya, and New Zealand.

Community Indicators, Department of Community Affairs
Indicators for 159 counties and 297 cities in the state of Georgia.

Community Indicators Project, Yampa Valley Partners
Indicators for Routt and Moffat Counties, Colorado. Full report can be ordered.

Hillsborough Today: A Rough Guide to Where We Are
Indicators for Hillsborough County, Florida.

Indicators for a Sustainable San Mateo County: A Yearly Report Card on Our County's Quality of Life, Sustainable San Mateo County
Indicators for San Mateo County, California

Indicators of Sustainable Community, Sustainable Seattle
Indicators for Seattle, Washington. Full report can be ordered.

Indicators of Sustainable Development, Franklin County, Maine
Indicators for Franklin County, Maine.

The Livable Tucson Vision Program, City of Tucson
Indicators for Tucson, Arizona

Measures of Growth, Maine Economic Development Council
Indicators for the state of Maine.

Minnesota Milestones: Measures that Matter, Minnesota Planning
Indicators for the state of Minnesota.

Montana County Indicators of Family Well-Being, Local Government Center, Montana State University
Indicators for each county in Montana.

Oregon Benchmarks, Oregon Progress Board
Indicators for the state of Oregon.

Progress Indicators, City of Albuquerque
Indicators for Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Regional and Community Information, The Community Services Planning Council
Indicators for Sacramento County, California.

Rose City Environmental Review, Center for Science Education, Portland State University
Indicators for Portland, Oregon.

Santa Monica Sustainable City Program
Indicators for Santa Monica, California.

Sierra Nevada Wealth Index
A regional indicator of sustainability.

Silicon Valley 2010 and Index 2000, Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network
Indicators for Silicon Valley, California.
www.jointventure.org/siliconvalley2010/a1.htm and

Tacoma-Pierce County Indicators for a Healthy Community, City of Tacoma
Indicators for the city of Tacoma and Pierce County, Washington.

Willapa Indicators for a Sustainable Community, Willapa Alliance
Indicators for Pacific County, Washington.

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