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TVA Rural Studies Publications

Staff Reports are distributed by TVA Rural Studies as part of its effort to improve the information available to rural decision makers. Each staff paper reflects the research and opinions of the authors. Contractor Reports are papers written for TVA Rural Studies by independent agencies. Staff & Contractor Reports are published without going through a formal review process.

  • Are Workers in the Rural South Ready for the Future?
    This article is available from the October 1999 issue of Rural Development Perspectives.

  • The Farmers Guide to The Internet

  • FORUM for Applied Research and Public Policy
    FORUM for Applied Research and Public Policy is a quarterly policy journal that focuses on issues of energy, environment, economic development, and science and technology. FORUM is published by The University of Tennessee's Energy, Environment, and Resources Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TVA Rural Studies, and The Rural Policy Research Institute.

  • The Millennium Series
    "The Rural South: Preparing for the Challenges of the 21st Century." This series of reports is sponsored by the Southern Rural Development Center, the Farm Foundation, the TVA Rural Studies Program, the USDA Economic Research Service, and the 29 Southern land-grant institutions.

  • NRECA Electricity Deregulation Study
    The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association funded a University of Kentucky study on the impacts of electricity deregulation in the state of Kentucky. This paper details the results of that study and the potential impact on rural areas of Kentucky.

  • OTA Follow-up Conference Report:
    Rural America at the Crossroads
    Networking for the Future

  • Ready or Not? The Rural South and Its Workforce

  • Rural Policy articles

  • Published in FORUM journal Spring 1999.

  • The Southern Black Belt

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