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01-08 Identifying Obstacles to the Success Of Rural Business Incubators NBIA N/A
01-07 Delusions of Grandeur: The Search for a Vibrant Rural America David Freshwater N/A
01-06 Targeted Economic Development Programs in Florida: A Quasi-Experimental Analysis Cynthia Rogers and Jill Tao N/A
01-05 Employment Risk in Nonmetropolitan Counties in the Southern U.S. Eric Thompson and George W. Hammond N/A
01-04 Do Meta-Standards Help Pave the Rural High Road? Firm Strategies Surrounding ISO 9000 Certification Timothy R. Wojan N/A
01-03 Wireline-based Communication Access Technologies in Rural Kentucky Jason Hartell N/A
01-02 The Interactions Between Economic Growth and Environmental Quality: A Comparison of the TVA Region with the United States as a Whole Tulin Johansson N/A
01-01 Development by Design: Land Use Planning and Regulation in Rural Communities Thomas Rowley N/A
00-16 Patchwork Income Coalition For Jobs and the Environment N/A
00-15 Service Industries Have Powered Growth of Employment in the U.S. South in Recent Years: A Geographical Perspective William B. Beyers N/A
00-14 Three Papers on Rural Development David Freshwater N/A
00-13 Identifying Employment Structure and Training Needs in the Louisiana Value-Added Wood Products Richard P. Vlosky and N. Paul Chance N/A
00-12 Employment Growth in Rural TVA Counties: Does Establishment Size Matter? Mark S. Henry, David L. Barkley, Yu Bai, and Jae Espey N/A
00-11 Clusters in Rural Areas: Auto Supply Chains in Tennessee and Houseboat Manufacturers in Kentucky Stuart A. Rosenfeld, Cynthia D. Liston, Marcia E. Kingslow, and Eric R. Forman N/A
00-10 Entrepreneurship-Centered Economic Development: An Analysis of African American Entrepreneurship in the Southern Black Belt Ralph D. Christy and Wylin Dassie N/A
00-09 Social Impacts of Large Scale Economic Development Projects in the Rural South: A Longitudinal Re-Study of Vance, Alabama and the Impacts of Mercedes Benz Ralph B. Brown, Clark D. Hudspeth, and Katherine L. Stone N/A
00-08 Keystone Sector Identification Maureen Kilkenny and Laura Nalbarte N/A
00-07 A Quasi-Experimental Analysis of the Effectiveness of Credit Pooling for Infrastructure Financing on Economic Growth in Rural Southern Counties Mona Ray and James Hite N/A
00-06 Telecommunications Infrastructure in the Southeastern United States Edward J. Malecki and Carlton R. Boush N/A
00-05 Worker Attitudes Toward Skills Training in the Rural South Thomas W. Ilvento and Anil Rupasingha N/A
00-04 Community Opinions on Economic Development in the Rural South Thomas W. Ilvento N/A
00-03 The Informal Economy in Rural Community Economic Development Shanna Ratner 5K
00-02 Demand for Skills Training in the Rural South Anil Rupasingha, Thomas W. Ilvento, and David Freshwater N/A
00-01 Federal Spending and Economic Growth in Southeastern Nonmetropolitan Counties F. Carson Mencken N/A
99-12 Rural America at the Turn of the Century David Freshwater 25K
99-11 Economic Development Cooperation Among Local Governments in the Tennessee Valley Steven Brent Lackey and David Freshwater 5K
99-10 The Extent Friendship has a Role in Retiree Recruitment and Retention in South Carolina: Survey Results Kenneth Backman and Melissa Hawkins 20K
99-9 The Long-Term Development of Local Retail and Service Spending in Rural Southeastern Counties Eric Thompson and George Hammond N/A
99-8 A Survey of New Cooperative Ventures Since 1994 Adrienne Bernardi and Kimberly Zeuli N/A
99-7 Digital Telecommunications Technologies in the Rural South: An Analysis of Tennessee Edward J. Malecki 54K
99-6 The Prospects of High-Growth Enterprises: A Retrospective Analysis of Georgia-Based Firms Emil E Malizia and Rebecca M. Winders 9K
99-5 Impact of Foreign Exports On Tennessee Counties Raman Vishwanathan N/A
99-4 e-Cities: Twenty-First Century Thinking for Small Town Living Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation N/A
99-3 Internationalizing the Rural Southeast: Determinants of the Decision to Export Steven G. Livingston 25K
99-2 The Graying of the Rural Southeast: Shifts in personal Income Composition. Robert A. Chase N/A
99-1 Rural telecommunications: Why your community isn't connected and what you can do about it. Tom Rowley 9K
98-10 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Local Watershed Organizations Alan R. Collins, Susan Hunter, and Steve Selin N/A
98-9 Industry Clusters in the TVA Region: Do They Affect Development of Rural Areas? Mark Henry, David Barkley, and Yibin Zhang. 737k Map Supplements
98-8 Small Business Creation and Economic Well-Being of Non-Metropolitan Counties: The Case of Georgia Rebecca M Winders 9K
98-7 Examining the Seedbed Potential Characteristics of Certain Manufacturing Industries: A Case Study of the Houseboat Manufacturing Firms in the Lake Cumberland Region of Kentucky Steven Brent Lackey 9K
98-6 The Appellation d'Origine Controlee (AOC) Celine Albert, TVA Rural Studies N/A
98-5 'Fragile Virtue:' Rural Labor Market Response to a New Competitive Environment Timothy Wojan N/A
98-4 County-Level Determinants of High-Technology Firm Locations: 1988-94 Stephan Goetz 9K
98-3 Location Decisions of Energy-Intensive Manufacturing Firms: Estimating the Potential Impact of Electric Utilities Deregulation Stephan Goetz 9K
98-2 West Virginia Attitudes Toward Economic Development Scott Loveridge and Beth Loy, West Virginia University Abstract
98-1 The Value of Preserving African and Native American CultureA North-Central Mississippi Example Alicestyne Turley-Adams 9K
97-3 A Piece of the Action Increasing Minority Ownership of Manufacturing in the Rural South RTS - Regional Technology Strategies, Inc. 11K
97-2 Testing For The Effects of Federal Economic Development Agencies David Freshwater, Timothy Wojan, Dayuan Hu and Stephan Goetz. N/A
97-1 An Assessment of the Experience of Area Development Districts in Kentucky with Mandated Strategic Planning David Freshwater and Melissa Taylor. 13.7K

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